Short Chat with My English Lecturer

Once, I told one of my lecturer that my hobby is sleeping on the class. I even don’t know why I always sleepy in the class. (actually it happened for almost everyday at the class. My friends already know my bad habit)
At the end of English class, I got a short chat with my English lecturer, Mrs. Diana.
Mrs Diana: Well, who’s your plant morphology’s lecture?
Me: Mr ______________
Mrs Diana: Ah, I can guess you will sleep on his class. Kinda curious you always sleep on his practical classes, aren’t you?
Me: (facepalm)
Mrs Diana and one of my friend: (laugh)
Me: Err, don’t open the disgrace ma’am.
Mrs Diana: (still laughing)
Actually, although I feel sleepy at plant morphology class, I still awake and do another thing with my group, it can be drawing or  being crazy together.


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