Almost over!

This week is kinda hectic. Final semester exam!
Well, put it aside. This year, I did a National Entrance Selection for Public College (well, Indonesian called it SNMPTN or Seleksi Nasional Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri), again!. This year, actually I don’t really want to do that. The sensation for the test was kinda different. I didn’t prepare anything to do that (even my mom kinda angry to me because of that).

The location of the test is still in a campus (actually the location is at my campus, but on the different department). last year I got a place at Faculty of Language and Art Education (we called it FPBS) and this year I got at School of Postgraduate. Almost on the same place, my seat was kinda near window and at the last row, at least for the first day.

Why I said that? Because the set of the seats were changing! The effect: I sat in the first row! In front of door.


The second day’s seat. The number being censored. For my own secure.

Actually this isn’t a big deal for me. Whether you sit in front or back, it’s the same. Yay!

I met my senior high school friend in that building. Both of us told a story about campus life. Kinda want to make (maybe) soon-to-be a university students realize that campus life is very different with senior high school. (somehow I did it on a purpose :p)

The hectic wasn’t over yet! After did the test, I went to acceptance of the New university students. The yearly event that not only happened at my campus. Kinda hard to describe it but one word: interesting! You can see the feared (or shocked) expression from new students when the senior come and asked which department you are.

Crowed when the acceptance of new university students.

Last year, I got this experience, too. But I still calm down and put a poker face because I want to go home (to prepare my trip to Yogyakarta). Yes, I was there for more than an hour. Different with now, just spent less or on time, one hour!

That’s all from me now!

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