Nearly September, huh?

lots of event!
Happy fasting month!
Happy eid mubarak 1433H~
and welcome to Padjadjaran University! yeah, I become a new college student, again. . . . and I still need some holiday NOOOOOOOOOOO DDD:

let’s see what happened on July until August.
1. I got Japanese literature at Padjadjaran University, and yeah I took this chance but I still want to study at Biology Education ;___;
2. When I went to big family gathering from both parents, kinda shock that I’ll be called “auntie” because there are a lot of newly babyborn ;___;
3. long time didn’t went to zoo and finally I can go there with Ikaris 2011. what a moment! lots of changing!
4. Had a break-fasting with my elementary friends, and what I realized, lots of my friends become ikemen (good looking boys). not only them but also with nihonbu (as usual, full of chaos!)
5. lots of money. ufufu. I wish I can go to and spend my money at AFA but unfortunately I can’t. my parents didn’t give me any permit to go there. (I don’t really care about this actually because there’s no kalafina but yah, I kinda sad because I can’t attended the biggest J-fest in Indonesia)
6. I still haven’t do anything with the task from my senior wkwkwkkw *bricked*
7. Acchan’s graduation. okay this is the hottest moment for AKB48 family fans. Although I’m not a big fan of AKB48, I feel kinda sad ;___; yes, Acchan is the first member that I remembered from AKB and now she’s graduated. hope she can do anything better after graduated from AKB.

noooo, my grammar ;___;

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