Talking about Forum or Role Play on Social Media

It’s been a while I’m typing in English. Sorry when there’s a LOT of mistaken grammars.

One day, when I was on my senior high school days, one of my friend invited me to join a group /forum that contains role play. At that time, I said “no” because I don’t really have an interest to join something like that.

2-3 years later after that, I started to read some thread on internet forum about my favorite manga/anime at that time. At that time, I had a thought to made an account on several forum that shared some links for download…. (and yes, I made the account, tho) but in the end, I almost never to have a chat with either the member or started my own thread. That’s all because of my laziness. (and I still prefer to speak up IRL than online)


by the way, I knew that there are a forum that the main topic is my favorite artists (let’s called it NPM and WC). I only have an account in WC forum but not for NPM (although I knew it looooong way before WC). Sometimes I read some thread on both forum from year to year… and suddenly I realized one thing…… that NPM forum on the recent year is kinda a lot of drama thingy and the recent fans on NPM is quite rude (on their way on made a word/ speaking). how can I say something like this while I never joined a forum?

Sometimes, I read some thread on NPM forum and looking their way on answer/speaking on the board. on the older post, I can see they are welcomed and always help each other to get a source about their favorite artists (6-7 years ago, it’s hard to get a news about the artists back then). I’m observed on local fan, too (in my country, tho). The old fan is much kinder while the newer fan just like meh to the older fan and act as if they knew everything (HAHAHAHHA)

Well, once I asked into a chat page on NPM site about where to but something that isn’t that important (for them, but yes for me ), and what’s their answer? they gave a satire answer like, “hello… this is a ….. shop and may I help you?” or “this isn’t a shop! why you ask it in here?” and make me lazy to ask or started a chat at there anymore. I knew that’s not their fault, maybe it was my fault to ask something unimportant there or out of place (or maybe I just too innocent on intl online forum).

Maybe they just wanted being noticed as “I’m the best fan and I know everything about them and who the heck are you? ” or something like that, lah. They (may) just didn’t know that I knew the artist a looooooooooooong way before they know them.
I mean, when someone, although they are stranger, ask something and you didn’t know the answer, just give them the simplest answer. “sorry, I don’t know about it.” that kind of answer won’t hurt someone’s feeling yet get a “welcome” feel.

So finally I knew a reason why one of my friend is never visited that NPM forum anymore. There just too much drama.

Now, let’s move to another forum. WC forum is have a quite different aura (LOL). they didn’t make a newcomer fan felt anxious or guilty. They welcome you as if you’re an old fan. maybe because the band is have too much mystery for the lyrics itself and “all interpretation are valid” LOL . How can I said this? again, I observed this forum and the fan of this band. I even joined the subchat forum on apps called Line. they are quite welcoming as a new fan back then.


it just some of example about forum.

Actually I have a lot of friend that still playing RP and active in any kind of forum until now. Actually, joining in forum isn’t that bad (it may improving our language skills and get a new knowledge about everything, especially when you doing a role play group). But please keep behave even though we have never meet each other. 🙂

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