…….Sasuke on Boruto:Naruto The Movie

warning: bandwidth killer, full of Sasuke inside, as a impact of my fangirl and Narutard mode: on.

Have I ever told you guys about the most favorite chara on Naruto? Minato, Sakura, and Sasori maybe one of my fav but…. the most favorite one is Uchiha Sasuke-the-emo-guy-yet-kinda-heartwrming-and-the-real-AB型-person.

from the first time I watching Naruto on local TV on 5th grade (….this is serious tho) I already like him and when I realized when this Uchiha bros have AB blood type… my react is line: eh, really? SERIOUSLY!?

whatever people said about him, he’s still one of my fav! idk why eventhough he betrayed to their friends for the countless time, I still fav him, tho.

I hate his style on Naruto: the last (and I didn’t watch it btw because I got some spoiler that it would be a romance-genre one.), but somehow in Boruto, his style reminded me to Ray on Korean manhwa, Noblesse. 

I like Boruto for several reason:
1. Uchiha Sasuke! lol. Sasuke has a lot of screentime here. fortunately, I didn’t watch it in local cinema because I’ll screaming like a fangirl 😁💕 (and recently my anime list is Naruto: Itachi no densetsu. Uchiha Bros on April!)
2. Naruto-Sasuke rivalry is fun to watch. They became an adult yet some of their action remind me of their genin time. Their bromance is oooooh!!! hahahhaha
3. The story itself is told us about Naruto’s kid, Boruto, who barely talk with his father. He asked Sasuke to be his teacher and voila! the story begins. (well some source said that Naruto and Sasuke promised to each other that they will teach each other’s kid. Sasuke-Boruto and Naruto-Sarada. Kinda curious how Naruto will teach Sarada.)
4. Mitsuki’s parent is such a plot twist actually. lol. Boruto even didn’t know him, one the legend trio ninja. I knew this before I watch this. One of my senior told me about this www
5. Gaara resembled Ervin (SnK) oh please I can’t stop laughing :”””)
6. Kurama-Susano’o combination is one of the coolest jutsu. hahahah
7. what I hate is…. why it must be Rasengan as the best counterattack. 😂
errr what else, below are Sasuke’s screen shots that I made. ahahahah enjoy!

ps. some pics with caption means I like this part!




Sakura's beautiful!!! 💕
Sasuke, when saving his daughter!
Kurama-Susano'o combination. SERIOUSLY IT'S DAMN COOL THING!
This emo guy... plz



Sasuke in this scene reminded me of Rei, one of famous chara from Korean mahwa, Noblesse




current Gokage with Sasuke and Boruto

I guess this is enough for now.

see you on the next post!

3 thoughts on “…….Sasuke on Boruto:Naruto The Movie

    1. hi there! yeah. I was happy with the result, too! I can enjoy the throughout story of this movie!

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