Braga Permai

How can I hate one of historical restaurant in a historical street in Bandung?

When I have a chance to spent weekend in a hotel near Braga street, I always asked dad to have a dinner in Braga Permai.

Why Braga Permai?

  1. they have an art deco/old building that established since mid 1920’s and still standing until now.
  2. they serve the food for a western people portion, which means A BIT TOO MUCH for Indonesian standard portion, except if you are someone like Luffy (one piece)
  3.  they sell a super delicious food! as for me, their dessert and pizzas is the best one than their main dish. (Because for me who still don’t produce my own income, their main dish is just too…. expensive 😂)
  4. You can try their weird (unfamiliar) yet delicious menus here. as for me, who don’t come often there, they always change their menu name and it confusing me and this makes me challenged to try their menu. but please for your own safety and to keep your appetite  on, I strongly recommended you to try all western food because it’s their speciality.
  5. Wanna see or meet the foreigner? just come there in weekend.

okay what else?

Braga Permai, as for me, is not for someone who only have a tight budget yet want to eat and enjot delicious food. I know for some people, esp  foreigners, foods in here isn’t that expensive yet for me, is sooooooooo expensive one. but while the price is kinda juicy for people like me, it’s equal with  their serving portion! I mean, you even can order 1 portion of main dishes such as chicken steak or sirloin for two people. once I’ve ordered 1 portion of fried rice and it can be divided for three person!

I always enjoying my time there because you can feel as if you’re noni Belanda there. sometimes I have a thought of cosplaying Kalafina older costumes/goth-lolita costumes and hold a photo session there.

well, this may just my rant of wishes to try all of their menus lol.

kinds of bread as their welcome ceremony foods!
poffertjes a la braga permai! I thought it will have something like chocolate filling inside but when I ate them…. the taste is like a pancake! but It still yummy!
Tokyo Banana a la Braga Permai. well… I can’t comment for the taste because I haven’t eat Japan version one so…

so when you have some times and maney, just try to eat there and feel like you will turn back time!

2 thoughts on “Braga Permai

  1. Though i’ve been in bandung since 2001, i’ve never been there, in fact i just know it now from you.. 😅.
    I’ll give it a visit one day.. Hatur nuhun inpohnya sist..

    1. seriously? well yah, I knew this place when I read someone’s blog several years ago =))
      just try to visit it but don’t forget to bring a lot of your money =))
      eventhough it’s a bit expensive, I still recommend you to come there! especially when you want to try some europe authentic taste!

      sami-sami 😁

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